Text Box: Chaplaincy
The Chaplaincy House

The Chaplaincy House is also part of the Hamlet of Biberegg and serves as residence to the Honorary Chaplain.

The edifice featuring some high-class interior details originates from the second half of the 18th century. The architectural design of the residence lies between a wooden farmhouse and a plastered middle-class house.

The back side of the house with the kitchen is also plastered up to a height of two floors. An old photo gives reason to believe that even the gable facade facing the Chapel had been plastered, at least at the main floor level, before having been clad with shingles.



The eaves side opposing the main entrance consists of a basic adjoining shed with wooden siding and is thus less representative. The current windows originate by the majority from the 19th century; only on the top floor level some smaller windows have been preserved since the construction period.

This interesting diversity in the facade structure has been maintained during the renovation. Plastered areas have been completed and rewhitened, shingled surfaces have been cleaned, the shingles have been replaced if necessary and, depending on their condition, been painted in oxblood red. The wooden siding however had to be entirely replaced and the roof has been recovered.

Published in: Mitteilungen des Historischen Vereins des Kantons Schwyz 93/2001, p. 212)

The entrance side constitutes the actual representative facade. A double-barreled sandstone staircase with a balustrade of massive bricks leads to the main entrance situated on the first floor.

The facade rises up to one and a half floors due to the elevation of the lower part of the roof and the wood has been pargeted. The underside of the widely overhanging roof is also plastered. In some parts the overlapping extremities of the beams have been included in the plastered surface, in others however they have only been covered by wooden boards in order to not be visible anymore being a basic rural principle of construction.

Photo: the Chaplaincy House on a sunny winter day in March 2006

Foto: Weiler Biberegg kurz nach einem Gewitter im Mai 2006